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  1. Rui Fernandes
    Rui Fernandes February 16, 2011 at 10:46 PM |


    After the compilation, I do we include the OpenSSL library in the C scripts – using MinGW? For example the header file bn.h?
    There’s also a version for windows 32 of OpenSSL; can we use it instead?
    But how do we call the header files? Where do we place the library?

    Kind regards,

    Rui Fernandes

  2. Josef Stadelmann
    Josef Stadelmann May 10, 2012 at 10:58 PM |

    I got an error during the build

    Building OpenSSL
    copy “.\\e_os.h” “tmp\e_os.h”
    /usr/bin/sh: copy: command not found
    mingw32-make: *** [tmp\e_os.h] Error 127

    I think the error is in the generated mingw32a.mak
    . . . .
    $(RM) $(TMP_D)\*.*
    $(RM) $(OUT_D)\*.*

    $(INCL_D)\e_os.h: $(SRC_D)\\e_os.h
    $(CP) “$(SRC_D)\\e_os.h” “$(INCL_D)\e_os.h”

    $(INCL_D)\cryptlib.h: $(SRC_D)\\cryptlib.h
    $(CP) “$(SRC_D)\\cryptlib.h” “$(INCL_D)\cryptlib.h”

    the copy command is wrong generated
    it should consist of 3 items separated by space
    but is generated into mingw32a.mak as
    $(CP) “$(SRC_D)\\e_os.h” “$(INCL_D)\e_os.h”
    resulting in
    copy “.\\e_os.h” “tmp\e_os.h”
    which is wrong


  3. Darrell Walisser
    Darrell Walisser November 15, 2012 at 1:29 AM |

    It should be noted that the msys perl interpreter (/bin/perl.exe) will create the wrong copy command as noted above. ActiveState perl will solve the issue.

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